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About Us

Next Step Technologies is a full service orthotic and prosthetic office located in Bethel, CT and soon to be moving to 22 Newtown Road in Danbury, CT with Board Certified Prosthetists and Orthotists: William L. Guaragno, CPO, John H. Olin, CO and David Koehler, BOCP. Next Step Technologies is associated with many of the area’s hospitals, nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities. We pride ourselves in providing our patients with excellent quality and continuity of care while integrating the suggestions and concerns of the treating physicians and physical therapists into the prosthetic and orthotic care of the patient. Since we are a small company, we are able to provide our patients with the intimate care they need and deserve.

The office provides temporary and permanent prosthetic devices for below and above knee amputations. We offer the latest technology and high-tech componentry for the lower extremity clients with lightweight alignable construction. William Guaragno, CPO is certified by Otto Bock in the C-Leg System and Ossur’s Rheo componentry. Both are microprocessor-controlled knee joints that provide amputees with the most natural gait pattern available. Another new microprocessor-controlled prosthetic foot and ankle system is the Proprio System by Ossur which aids the patient in navigating inclines and allows the patient the ability to change heel heights. Also available are upper extremity body powered and myoelectrically controlled upper extremity prosthetics, and cosmetic prosthetics.

Next Step Technologies also manufactures a full range of upper and lower extremity orthotics for bracing needs with both Bill and John H. Olin, CO. John specializes in all aspects of orthotic management for the adult and pediatric populations. We provide sports bracing for all ages and types of injuries, dynamic bracing for contracture management, spinal bracing, scoliosis management, pediatric bracing, off-loading orthotics for wound healing and custom molded foot orthotics, along with heel lifts to full sole lifts (inside or outside of the shoes). Additionally, we provide a full range of prefabricated bracing for both upper and lower extremities. New technology has brought the Walk-Aide System and the Bioness functional electric simulation (FES) units for our patients with foot drop from MS, CVA, GB, and spinal cord injury.

Other services that we provide to our clients and fellow medical health professionals are free evaluations and in services on these latest orthotics and prosthetics. Clients are seen in our office, in their home, or in a facility with other healthcare professionals. The facilities include hospitals, physical therapy centers, doctors’ offices, nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities. Some hospitals, nursing homes, and physical therapy centers are visited on a regular basis and will be scheduled as such.

Our mission is to provide our clients with the most up to date and technologically advanced orthotic and prosthetic devices available while maintaining quality and continuity of care. These devices will help your clients foster independence and enhance the client’s quality of life at home, at work, and in the social fabric of their community.

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